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Jack and I are the yin-yang couple.  He is a left-brained, concrete-sequential engineer. I am a right-brained, abstract-random artist. Together we make a perfect balance. The bread to each others butter. I am the wife with the bushel full of ideas, and Jack is the husband who helps bring them to fruition. As cliche as it may sound, he really does complete me, filling in all the gaps.

It seems a little surreal that just a few short months ago we began building a chicken coop, and now we have launched a website of chicken-inspired products with a full functioning shopping cart! All of this inspired by a cute chicken coop I saw on Pinterest. Never underestimate the power of inspiration!

We have had a fantastic team behind us to make this all happen. I will touch on the details of 'the team' in future blog posts.

The voice you will hear through the blog will be mine. Jack will act as chief editor, and he has willingly taken on the position of CFO so I can focus on the creative aspect of our website.

I am blessed to have the ability to exercise my creativity through many mediums: photography, cooking, gardening, art, interior design, and I love to entertain with friends. These topics will be the substance to the blog. I will also be doing a monthly segment, Beyond the Porch, featuring local chefs and artisans. 

Disclaimer: We do not claim to be experts in any topic just enthusiastic to share what we know and enjoy. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Husband and wife, Jack Lyman and Mona Oxford-Lyman live on two acres in a rural setting 35 miles northwest of Boise, Idaho.

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