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The Real Housewives of Le Poule Roost

Real-Housewives-LPRS1-resizeGet to know our little darlin's and their alter-ego's in our humorous Housewives series.

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Watch out New York, Beverly Hills and Jersey, the Real Housewives of Le Poule Roost are in the coop! Tabloids rumor that the LPR girls love their new spacious crib, a chic coop-condo overlooking the family vineyard. They are enjoying a quiet obscure sense of free-range living away from annoying paparazzi. Not unlike many of the Housewives characters, our girls have a bit of drama now and then too. Put a few of our boys (the famous Chickendales) in the mix and we just might have the making of the next Real Housewives season pilot.

Let's Meet the Housewives

Beyonce                   Delphine                        Gaga

Monet                      Manet                          Lucy

Bernadette                 Milhouse                      Pepper

Penelope                    Tyson                            Pearl


When the boys aren’t performing at the Rio All Suite Coop & Casino in Las Vegas, you will find them amongst the Housewives enjoying their lives as the sexual beings they are. Why such a large group of roosters you ask? LPR owners do not have the heart to cut anyone, however, Chickendale contracts are on a month-to-month basis pending signs of aggressive behavior.

Jaylo                            Mitt                   Matisse



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