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  • Artist Series Collection

    We have chosen the most beautiful paper for our giclee prints— truly stunning!
    Each 18”x24” is printed on Fine Art archival paper.
    What is a giclée? (pronounced "jhee-clay") A giclee print is a digital inkjet print. It is made using a combination of pigmented inks and archival substrates (paper/canvas). The inkjet printer literally blends the colored inks as it prints to produce seamless, highly detailed prints of stunning color and detail. A giclee should not fade for a minimum of eighty years!

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  • Butcher Blocks

    We are proud to offer Phillip Briggs' heirloom butcher blocks to our LPR market. His boards are unlike anything in the marketplace—each handcrafted by Phillip himself, who skillfully chooses the most exquisite wood combinations to create his unique designs. His work has a strong sense of symmetry, both in his geometric and organic shapes. Many of his boards have chiseled edges which create a strong textural contrast from the glass-like hand sanded finish. The detail and precision Phillip shows in his work is truly a work of art.

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  • Note Cards

    You will adore these whimsical note cards!

    Set of 10 includes two-each of the five design Artist Series Collection.

    The 5"x7" cards are blank inside and come with 10 envelopes. A Le Poule Roost exclusive!

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  • Cluck

    Cluck, the first design in the Artist Series was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.

    Only $95.00

    What is a giclée? (pronounced "jhee-clay") A giclee print is a digital inkjet print. It is made using a combination of pigmented inks and archival substrates (paper/canvas). The inkjet printer literally blends the colored inks as it prints to produce seamless, highly detailed prints of stunning color and detail. A giclee should not fade for a minimum of eighty years!

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The Real Housewives of Le Poule Roost

Real-Housewives-LPRS1-resizeGet to know our little darlin's and their alter-ego's in our humorous Housewives series.

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RealHousewives BeyonceBeyonce is our robust buff Orpington and walks with a bit of a waddle, yet carries herself with grace and confidence. She is not new to the fame-game; she was a chick star with numerous features on YouTube. Beyonce continues to make headlines as she aspires to be a plus-size model. Though her fans might see her as sassy and outgoing, she is really quite reserved.

RealHousewives DelphineDelphine, our sophisticated and refined White Leg Horn is on the best dressed list. All the boys seem to like her. She is trying to rise above her reputation as the coop strumpet. If Delphine could choose to live anywhere, it would be in Paris, France with former Chickendale, Jacque.

RealHousewives GagaGaga is our flamboyant and diverse white Polish and lives on the lower east side of the coop. She loves all genres of music and creative hairstyles. She has had a few bad romances but she seems to keep a poker face, remaining positive and upbeat. She spends her free time supporting humanitarian causes.

RealHousewives MonetMonet, one of our chocolate colored egg layers, is a speckled Marans. She used to be the life of the party until she became a recluse, spending much of her day sitting on ONE egg. Rumors are circulating that Monet checked into Brooding Hens Estates, a rehab facility for hens with chronic brooding behavior. LPR executives refuse to comment.

RealHousewives ManetManet, another Marans, loves to be a part of the crowd. Not much of a leader, but she is dependable and gets along with everyone. She doesn’t like conflict or drama so she doesn’t make for much tabloid gossip. Manet loves the visual arts and is making plans to open a local gallery with Monet. Plans have been put on hold pending Monet’s recovery.

RealHousewives LucyRealHousewives BernadetteRealHousewives MilhouseLucy, Bernadette and Milhouse are LPR’s beautiful red heads — a mixture of Red Leg Horn and New Hampshire Red. They are always together, happy to be alive and do not seem to get into too much trouble. Lucy hopes to star in her own sitcom, perhaps with a dark haired Cuban band leader. Bernadette and Milhouse are collaborating on an animated short film, The Roosters Crow Constantly.

Pictures 2303Pictures 2186Pepper and Penelope (Penna-lo-pay) are our Black Australorp BFFs —they go everywhere together. They are quite musically talented and recently joined the LPR pop band Spice Chicks. Their world tour is scheduled to begin sometime in 2013.

Pictures 2172Tyson, our Partridge Plymouth Rock, is a left-winged liberal. She organizes daily walks through the acreage promoting health, happiness and longevity. She has a busy schedule ahead of her: a trip to DC this winter to speak to various lawmakers about the living conditions of chickens across America, and she will be touring with the Spice Chicks playing the drumsticks and backup vocals. How does she find the time?

RealHousewives PearlPearl is our diva white Silkie. She has the whole coop wrapped around her little chicken foot. Her entourage Pepper, Penelope and Tyson, make sure she is protected and safe. Pearl is the lead singer of the Spice Chicks, and relishes in her diva-ness.

RealHousewives JayloJayLo is our once, sweet and innocent buff Orpington, turned attack rooster. Prior to entering his relocation program, he was the face to Haan van Gogh for the LPR Artist Series campaign. JayLo is under neighborhood watch and seems to be thriving.

RealHousewives MittMitt, our rooster Brahma, just recently revealed his gender. We weren’t sure which way he would sway—probably a political play. He is gaining popularity among the coop, but his crow is still a bit awkward. Mitt recently spent time with Clint Eastwood during the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida, which really made his day.

RealHousewives MatisseMatisse is our Marans rooster. He just recently “came out”—never knew the fellow could crow. Since the relocation of JayLo, he has quickly raised ranks in the pecking order. Speaking of pecks, Matisse has been working out and turning heads in the coop and in Vegas.

RealHousewives MondoMondo, our creative grey Polish rooster, sits at the bottom of the pecking order. He suffered from a traumatic head pecking injury as a young pullet and hasn’t been the same since. He was named after Mondo Guerra, Project Runway season eight contestant. Our Mondo can’t sew but he does appreciate fashion. In addition to his Las Vegas performances with the Chickendales, Mondo works as a design consultant for LPR.

  • Beyonce
  • Delphine
  • Gaga
  • Monet
  • Manet
  • Lucy, Bernadette, & Milhouse
  • Pepper & Penelope
  • Tyson
  • Pearl
  • JayLo
  • Mitt
  • Matisse
  • Mondo

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